1: Citrus Foods - Iron Boosters Discover five citrus foods that can enhance iron absorption and boost your iron intake. Learn more now!

2: Oranges Juicy and refreshing, oranges are not only packed with vitamin C but also aid in iron absorption. Include them in your diet for a healthy iron boost.

3: Grapefruits Tangy and delicious, grapefruits are a perfect choice to enhance iron absorption. Enjoy this citrus fruit and maintain optimal iron levels.

4: Lemons Lemons not only add flavor to your dishes but also facilitate better iron absorption. Incorporate them into your meals for an extra iron kick.

5: Limes Zesty and vibrant, limes are not just a great source of vitamin C but also help your body absorb iron efficiently. Make limes a part of your iron-rich diet.

6: Tangerines Apart from being rich in vitamin C, tangerines support better iron absorption. Include these tangy fruits in your daily routine for improved iron intake.

7: Clementines Discover the iron-boosting benefits of clementines. With their sweet and refreshing taste, these citrus fruits are an excellent choice to enhance iron absorption.

8: Pomelos Boost your iron levels with the help of pomelos. These tropical fruits are not only refreshing but also aid in iron absorption for better overall health.

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