1: 1. Snake Plant: Perfect for low-light spaces. Its vertical leaves blend well with any decor.

2: 2. ZZ Plant: Thrives in low to moderate light. A stylish choice with glossy, dark-green foliage.

3: 3. Pothos: Adapts to different light levels, including low-light conditions. Variegated leaves add visual appeal.

4: 4. Dracaena: Tolerates low light but also benefits from some indirect sunlight. Striped or solid leaves stay attractive.

5: 5. Cast Iron Plant: The ultimate low-light survivor. Dark green leaves withstand neglect with ease.

6: 6. Peace Lily: While not a true "low-light" plant, it tolerates lower light conditions well. Beautiful white blooms.

7: 7. Chinese Evergreen: Able to thrive in low light, providing stunning foliage with variegation.

8: 8. Spider Plant: Can handle a range of lighting conditions, including low light. Great for hanging baskets.

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