1: Celebrities send heartfelt messages to Simone Biles after her Olympic event withdrawal. 🤍

2: Support pours in as Hollywood stars honor Simone Biles' bravery and strength. 🌟

3: Celebs stand united, showering Simone Biles with love and respect for prioritizing her mental health. 💖

4: Simone Biles embraced by famous faces—messages of encouragement and admiration flood in! 🌺

5: Celebrities rally behind Simone Biles, inspiring many to prioritize mental well-being. ✨

6: Hollywood unites to uplift Simone Biles, commending her courage to prioritize mental wellness. 🌙

7: Simone Biles supported by A-listers, showcasing the importance of mental health-stigma-free society. 🌈

8: Celebrity community embraces Simone Biles' courage, encouraging open conversations on mental health. 🌻

9: Simone Biles touched by heartfelt messages from icons, highlighting the significance of self-care. 🙌

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