1: Welcome to the explosive world of "Suits" and its unexpected journey beyond! Explore how the hit show conquered Netflix and why it chose to pass on the intriguing new spinoff.

2: From the luxurious New York corporate scene to becoming a global sensation on Netflix, "Suits" captivated audiences worldwide. But what led to the decision of not pursuing a spinoff?

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5: Unravel the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the decision to pass on the highly anticipated "Suits" spinoff. Explore the factors that influenced this choice and the impact it had on fans worldwide.

6: Join us in revisiting the groundbreaking moments in "Suits" series that heightened its global success. Uncover why the franchise didn't pursue a direct spinoff and opened doors for new creative endeavors.

7: Experience the thrill of "Suits" taking over Netflix and setting a new standard for legal dramas. Discover how this iconic series spawned a loyal fan base and became a must-watch on the streaming platform.

8: Get an exclusive look into the minds of Netflix executives and their rationale behind passing on the new "Suits" spinoff. Explore the transformative power of the series and its lasting impact on television.

9: In a world where "Suits" blew up on Netflix, the decision not to pursue a spinoff left fans longing for more. Indulge in the memories of this groundbreaking legal drama and its impact on the streaming landscape.

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