1: Olivia Dunne, LSU gymnast, astounds with her season-best floor routine. LSU breaks its program record, securing a remarkable score.

2: Olivia Dunne's remarkable talent is on full display as she delivers a breathtaking floor routine. LSU's score reaches new heights in the history of the program.

3: In awe-inspiring fashion, Olivia Dunne delivers an exceptional floor routine, utilizing her skills to reach a season-high. This performance marks LSU's program-record score.

4: LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne mesmerizes the audience with an extraordinary floor routine, surpassing her previous season's best. This milestone contributes to LSU's record-breaking score.

5: Olivia Dunne's stellar floor routine during the LSU gymnastics match earns her a season-high score. The outstanding performance adds to the program's record-breaking success.

6: LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne sets the bar high with her sensational floor routine, achieving a season-high score. This remarkable performance contributes to the program's historic achievement.

7: With grace and precision, Olivia Dunne stuns the crowd with her season-best floor routine, propelling LSU to a program-record score. This accomplishment highlights the team's remarkable efforts.

8: Olivia Dunne delivers an awe-inspiring floor routine, garnering her season-high score. LSU's program reaches new heights, solidifying their exceptional performance.

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