1: Olivia Dunne, speaking up, supports NIL for LSU gymnasts! Fairness matters.

2: Empowering LSU gymnasts with NIL rights receives a resounding yes from Olivia Dunne.

3: Olivia Dunne advocates for LSU gymnasts to benefit from NIL opportunities. Equity for all!

4: Joining the discussion, Olivia Dunne highlights the deserving LSU gymnasts and their NIL rights.

5: LSU gymnasts' NIL rights endorsed by Olivia Dunne. Let's support their success!

6: Olivia Dunne speaks out, defending LSU gymnasts' right to NIL privileges. Equality counts!

7: NIL rights for LSU gymnasts championed by Olivia Dunne. Let their talents shine!

8: Olivia Dunne acknowledges the value of NIL for LSU gymnasts. Supporting their journey!

9: LSU gymnasts' NIL aspirations gain traction as Olivia Dunne stands with them. Fairness prevails!

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