1: Simone Biles gracefully addresses husband's self-proclaimed title as "The Catch" amidst criticism. Stay tuned to unveil her response.

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5: Simone Biles takes a graceful stand on her husband's "The Catch" nickname, shunning negativity. Experience her resolute response to the criticism.

6: Critics questioned, but Simone Biles calmly addresses her partner's self-proclaimed title, "The Catch," emphasizing the bond they share. Discover her empowering words.

7: Simone Biles tackles criticism surrounding her husband referring to himself as "The Catch." Uncover her composed and empowering response.

8: With elegance and poise, Simone Biles responds to the controversy surrounding her husband's nickname, "The Catch." Unveil her captivating reaction.

9: Simone Biles stands tall amidst criticism, addressing her husband's self-proclaimed title, "The Catch." Explore her resilient response to silence the doubters.

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