1: WrestleMania buzz builds as Roman Reigns, The Rock, potentially lock horns—fans frown.

2: The possibility of The Rock and Reigns, marquee clash surfaces—a mixed response.

3: Longtime fans express discontent, hoping for a fresher WrestleMania main event.

4: The Rock's return at WrestleMania ignites controversy, fans yearn for unexpected matchups, craving surprise.

5: As rumors circle, fans remain skeptical, Will Rock vs. Reigns live up to the hype?

6: Doubts linger among passionate fans, creative diversity sought at WWE's grandest stage.

7: An opportunity missed for innovative storytelling, WrestleMania's potential overshadowed by nostalgia.

8: Enthusiasts voice concerns, wanting fresh direction, hoping for a break from predictable wrestling narratives.

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